Accepting Offers to Purchase

Accepting Offers To Purchase


The Town of Superior is considering the sale of real property and receiving Offers to Purchase for the parcels identified below. Offers may be submitted by delivering a completed VACANT LAND OFFER TO PURCHASE (Wisconsin Real Estate Examining Board FORM WB-13) to the Town Clerk at the Superior Town Hall, 4917 South State Road 35, Superior, WI 54880. Offers will be accepted until Noon on Thursday, September 7, 2017.

You may download the Offer Form (WB-13 VACANT LAND OFFER TO PURCHASE) from our website at or you may obtain a paper copy of the form from the Town Clerk at the Superior Town Hall at the address listed above.

All submitted Offers will be reviewed by the Town Board of Supervisors at their Regular Meeting on Wednesday, September 13, 2017, at 7:00 p.m. at the Superior Town Hall. Potential buyers do not need to be present when offers are reviewed.

The Town reserves the right reject any or all offers, to select the offer most advantageous to the Town of Superior, or to reject all offers and not sell the property.

Properties are being sold in “as is” condition.

Prior to submitting an Offer prospective buyers are responsible for inspecting and investigating the real estate to determine pertinent factors such as access, zoning, easements, condition, etc. No refund or adjustment will be made because the property fails to meet standards of quality or conditions. Failure to inspect the property will not be grounds for any claim for relief. Buyers and their representatives shall have the right to enter upon the property to conduct reasonable surveys, examinations and inspections prior to the closing, provided however, that the discovery of any objectionable condition on or with respect to the property shall not give the proposer any right to require the Town to take any corrective action with respect to such condition. The buyer shall be responsible for the Wisconsin Transfer Tax.

All dimensions or acreage are approximate. More details about the properties are available from the Town Clerk at the Superior Town Hall, 4917 South State Road 35, Superior, WI 54880.

PARCEL 1: 3383 E Dump Road (Former Town Dump Site). SE¼ of NW¼ 28-47-14. Parcel Number: TS-030-00715-00. This property is approximately 40 acres. A portion of the property contains a capped and covered former landfill. The property is being sold as-is.

PARCEL 2: 5651 S Darrow Road (Unused Gravel Quarry). S½ of NE¼ of NW¼ 14-47-14 and Pt. SE¼ of NW¼ 14-47-14. Parcel Numbers: TS-030-00310-00 and TS-030-00317-00. This property is approximately 35 acres. The property is being sold as-is.