Town Clerk Position Available

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Notice from Joan Radzak, Town Clerk

Town Clerk Position: It is with deep regret that I notify you that I will be leaving my position as Town Clerk. Due to various circumstances, my husband and I have decided it is the right time to sell our home and move to Cranberry Lake in Wascott. Since I will no longer be a resident of the Town of Superior, I am not allowed to serve as the Town Clerk pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes.

My last day with the Town will be October 27. The Town Board will be required to temporarily appoint a Town resident as the Clerk until such position can be filled at the next election (Spring 2019). Please contact Chair Ron Pete if you are interested in being considered for this position. Ron may be reached at 218-590-2754. For general questions about the position, please feel free to contact me at the Town Hall  at 715-399-8385 or