“Shall the person holding the office of Town Clerk in the Town of Superior be appointed by the Town Board?” : On the 2023 Spring Election ballot for Town of Superior will be binding referendum question that reads as follows: “Shall the person holding the office of Town Clerk in the Town of Superior be appointed by the Town Board?”  A note from Cindy Theien (Town Treasurer) and Carolyn Jones (Town Clerk):  We believe the Town Clerk position should be appointed as the role of the Town Clerk has changed significantly over the years.  The responsibilities have become more complicated and require personnel who have the skillset to complete the tasks required of the position. Tasks include statutory responsibilities, all aspects of the elections process including training of elections inspectors, working closely with Douglas County Clerk, meeting all election deadlines, record keeping driven by State and Federal mandates, Board of Review, Town Hall coordinator, budget preparer, website coordinator, garbage and recycling coordinator, Board Minutes, required meeting postings, special projects coordinator (i.e., FEMA reporting), etc.  All these duties require a high level of computer skills that include Excel, Word, QuickBooks, etc.  An appointed Town Clerk would allow the Town Board to set qualification requirements, whereas an elected Town Clerk, experience and skills are unknown and have absolutely NO skill requirements to be nominated or elected.  Recently, WTA statistics show that nearly 30% of WI towns have gone to appointed Town Clerks.  In January, the Town Board passed an ordinance approving the conversion of the town clerk position from elected official to Town Board appointed.  With this approval, it allows the question to be placed on the Spring ballot.  We ask for town residents to support this and vote YES.    

Change in Delay in Service for Garbage and Recycling

Good Morning, 

Republic called and let us know they are not running again today.  Their driver took his personal vehicle around our town this morning to check out the roads and ended up getting stuck several times.

Pick ups for this week are as follows:

Thursdays garbage service (01/5/23) will be picked up Friday (01/06/23)

Fridays garbage service (01/06/23) will be picked up Saturday (01/07/23)

And Wednesdays recycling (01/04/23) will be picked up next Wednesday (01/11/23).  Next Wednesday recycling will also be picked up next Wednesday as they will be sending up two trucks to service both routes.

Any questions – call Kendra at Republic Services 715-416-2206.

Stay safe!

Carolyn, Clerk