Town Contacts

The Town Board, consisting of the Chairperson and two Supervisors, meet monthly and as needed to govern the business of the Town of Superior and manage Town employees. Rather than separate the duties of the Supervisors by geographic location, the Board works as one cohesive unit and all Board Member is able to assist any resident.

Town Chair

Ronald Pete

Phone: (218) 590-2754


William Conner

Phone: (218) 590-6107


Carolyn Jones

Phone: (715) 399-8385
Email: [email protected]

Fire Dept Chief

Darryl Fiegle

Phone: (218) 393-8211
Email:  [email protected]


Robert Zimmerman

Phone: (715) 399-2769


Cindy Theien

Phone: (715) 399-8385
Email: [email protected]