Now Hiring 2024-2025 Election Workers: TOWN OF SUPERIOR, WISCONSIN ELECTION WORKERS FOR GENERAL ELECTIONS IN 2024 TO 2025 If you have worked at the polls before or are interested in working at the polls for the first time, please contact the Town of Superior Clerk, Carolyn Jones at 715-399-8385 or email: [email protected] or the Town of Superior Chair, Ronald Pete, at 218-590-2754 no later than December 1, 2023. All election workers are required to attend a mandatory training class. This is a paid position. To be a poll worker, a person must: Be a qualified elector of the county in which the municipality is located Be able to speak, read, and write fluently in the English language Have strong clerical skills Be able to solve problems Be an effective communicator NOT be a candidate for any office to be voted on at the polling place at that election. 

Garbage payments made at end of June

If you made your garbage payment at the end of June and wondering why your check hasn’t been cashed yet it is because the Town is waiting on receipt books.  We apologize for the delay.  We have to manually receipt every transaction regardless if you want a receipt before payments can be deposited.   The company we order from mixed up our order we placed a month ago and we still haven’t received them.  We are hoping they arrive soon.