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Eagle Waste and Recycling – New Service Letter

From:  Eagle Waste and Recycling




Eagle Waste & Recycling, Inc., in partnership with the Town of Superior, is excited to provide a new program for collection of trash and recycling.  The changes will save money and promote and improve recycling collection and participation.  Please review the enclosed recycling instruction sheet for more details. 


A summary of the changes to your trash and recycling collection include:


  1. Each customer will receive a 48-gallon cart on wheels (black lid) for collection of trash.  This container will be picked up every week on Friday.  Please note that all waste must fit into this container.  If you need a larger container for trash, you are able to upgrade to a 64-gallon cart for an additional fee of $4 per month or 96-gallon cart for an additional fee of $5 per month by contacting Eagle Waste and Recycling, Inc. at 715-477-0077.

  2. Each customer will receive a 96-gallon cart on wheels (yellow lid) for collection of single stream recyclables (glass, plastic, tin, aluminum, paper and cardboard all mixed together in one container).  All material is to be clean and placed loosely within the container (no plastic bags).  The 96-gallon recycling cart will be picked up every-other-week on Wednesday.  Most residents will find the cart large enough to hold two or more weeks of recyclables.  If you determine you need an additional cart for recycling, one will be provided for an additional fee of $4 per month.

  3. Containers will be delivered to each household the week of Dec 29th, 2019.  Please place your cart in the location it was delivered.  The cart is picked up with an arm that extends out from the truck.  Therefore, the driver does not have to get out of the truck to pick up your trash or recyclables.  A video showing this collection procedure and explaining the cart placement can be found on our web-site at in the Video Center tab.

  4. Please be sure that the cart is at least four feet from other carts, telephone poles, vehicles, etc. to allow the automated arm to pick it up.

  5. Please note that Eagle Waste collects trash and recycling on all holidays except Christmas Day.

    Please visit our website at to obtain more information about our company and the services we provide.  Specific questions can be answered by contacting our office at 715-477-0077.  Thank you for your patience during this transition.

    Best regards,

    Alan Albee

    Alan Albee