Town Clean Up Day – Sept 30, 2023 9am-1pm: Town of Superior Clean Up DaySaturday, September 30, 2023 - 9am to 1pmSuperior Town Hall, 4917 S State Rd 35 ITEMS NOT ACCEPTED: Hazardous waste (chemical cleaners, enamel paints, varnishes, automotive fluids, pesticides, herbicides, & medical waste), concrete, yard waste, food and animal waste. PAYMENTS: The Town of Superior will be taking payment for upholstered furniture, mattresses, box springs and hide-a-beds. Payments may be made in cash or by check made out to “Town of Superior.” All other charges will be paid directly to Afterlife Electronics, either by cash or check. Please plan accordingly. SCRAP METAL: Scrap metal can be dropped off free-of-charge during Clean-Up Day and will be donated to the Town of Superior Fire Department for fundraising purposes. Questions? Contact Carolyn Jones, Town Clerk at (715) 399-8385; email: [email protected]   Electronics  Equipment Accepted   Appliances Personal Computers No Charge   Freon Free Appliances No Charge Laptops No Charge   Microwaves $5.00 Docking Stations No Charge   Dehumidifiers $5.00 Uninterrupted Power Supplies No Charge   Air Conditioners $5.00 Calculators No Charge   Refrigerators (need to be cleaned out) $10.00 Networking Equipment No Charge   Freezers (need to be cleaned out) $10.00 Wire/Cabling No Charge       Phones/Cell Phones No Charge   Miscellaneous   Keyboard/Mice No Charge   Fax Cartridges No Charge Scanners, Printers, Fax Machines $2.00 & Up   Printer Cartridges No Charge VCR’s $2.00 & Up   Fluorescent lamps No Charge Radios/Stereos $2.00 & Up   Light building material No Charge Copiers $5.00 & Up   Cardboard No Charge LCD Monitors $4.00   Batteries No Charge CRT Monitors $8.00   Furniture (Not Upholstered) No Charge Plasma/ Large LCD Televisions $8.00-$10.00   Furniture (Upholstered) $10.00 20” and Smaller CRT Television $10.00   Mattresses/Box Springs $20.00 21” to 25” CRT Television $15.00   Hide-a-Beds With Mattress $25.00 26” to 30” Television/ Projection $20.00   Scrap Metal No Charge 31” and Larger Television/ Projection $25.00 & Up   Small gas engine machines No Charge Console Television $25.00 & Up                 Tires         Passenger $5.00   Commercial Tires $10 & Up Passenger w/Rim $5.00   Agricultural Tires $15 & Up                    

Ordinance 2023-01 Approving Conversion of Town Clerk Position From Elected to Appointed








The Town Board of the Town of Superior, Douglas County, Wisconsin, does hereby ordain as follows:


That, pursuant to Wis. Stat. §60.30(1e)(a), the office of the town clerk shall be filled by appointment of a majority of the members-elect of the town board.


The term of office for the appointed position shall be set by the town board, but may not exceed 3 years per §60.30(1e)(c). The town board may re-appoint the officer for additional terms. However, removal by the town board during a given term of office may only be for “cause” as defined under § 17.001 and required by §60.30(1e)(f).


This ordinance is subject to approval by the town electors in a referendum, which is hereby called by the Town Board to be held on April 4, 2023. The referendum question(s) shall be:


“Shall the person holding the office of town clerk in the Town of Superior be appointed by the town board?”


The salary of the appointed position shall be set by the town board and may not be reduced during the term of office.


This ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after the date of its town board passage, notice after passage per § 60.80 and also its referendum approval by the town electors as required by § 60.30(1e)(b).


Adopted this 11th day of January, 2023.














Town Clerk